The benefits of an electric forklift

The benefits of an electric forklift are many, and worth your consideration if you are shopping for a new or used electric forklift.

An electric forklift is a lift truck powered by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. They are productive, durable, energy-efficient and tough. As you review the benefits of an electric forklift, you will see that like any other forklift, the electric type is used to lift and transport materials short distances. Electric forklifts typically use two power-operated forks. Forks can be raised and lowered for loading/unloading and transporting materials.

Electric Forklifts are Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

By buying an electric forklift you’ll instantly start going green. Electric lifts are sleek, economical and most importantly energy efficient. They provide environmentally friendly operation with zero emissions.

Electric Forklifts Can Be Used Indoors and Outdoors

Another benefit of an electric forklift is they can be used in any environment. Electric lifts can generate as much torque as gas-fed lifts, allowing them to get the job done in a heavy lifting situation as well.

Electric Forklifts Can Save You Money

Whether you buy a used or new electric lift, they save you money. There is less cost of maintenance with an electric forklift. Your gas bill will be smaller too, because electric forklifts do not require fuel. Electric forklifts require fewer parts and many of these parts are renewable, which also save money.

Electric Forklifts Have Less Parts to Replace

These lift trucks do not get their power from combustion; therefore, they do not need many of the parts that are required in traditional forklifts. Electric forklifts do not need these things that rely on energy, resources and fuel: Spark plugs, belts, oil, pistons or catalytic converters. Over time  these products will require replacement. Electric forklifts use none of these components. Electric lifts don’t create carbon bi-products or emit harmful gases.

When looking for a forklift for your warehouse,  or any industry consider the benefits of an electric forklift.

Have a question about which lift is right for your needs? Contact Us and one of our material handling experts is happy to help you.

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